Before you apply for your Marriage Licence, you need to organise where you’ll get married. You can only get married in the place you’ve put on the marriage licence form, so include a back-up venue in case something goes wrong or if it is raining.

There are two ways to apply for a NZ marriage licence. If you live in NZ, simply choose the first option below. If you live overseas and will arrive in NZ less than 3 days before you get married, follow the second process below.

Notice of Intended Marriage - Please note, when completing this form, my full name is Donna Marie Brooke.

Notice of Intended Marriage Outside of NZ 

If you want to book a wedding space on a Coromandel Peninsula beach and want to secure your space so no other bridal party can use it on your special day, please click on this link for more information. Or ring Council on 07 868 0200.